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•   Ashley Nissen (Richard)  2/18
•   Allison Wilson (Wilson)  12/2
•   Renae Waldbeser  12/1
•   Kylie Crews (Bounds)  12/1
•   Heidi Schaab (Schaab)  12/1
•   Laura Block  11/30
•   Elizabeth McDonald  11/19
•   Julie McArdle  11/18
•   Amy Marchetti  11/17
•   Beth Rieger  11/17
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•   Renee Wenger  3/11
•   Mike Wolf  3/13
•   Paula Bachtold  3/19
•   Maxwell Crowninshield  3/20
•   Emily Wenger  3/22
•   Jackie Schrader  3/29
•   Chastity Pick  4/2


Percentage of Joined Members: 73.0%

A:   162   Joined
B:   60   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


Reminder: Prairie Central Education Association Scholarships are due April 1st! :)

If you have a student who qualifies for any of the three scholarship types listed below, have your student apply soon.

Turn in applications the high school guidance office, so transcripts can be added. Finalized applications with transcripts will be forwarded to me.

  • h.s. senior or college student going into the field of education (2 scholarships: 1 h.s. and 1 college)
  • h.s. senior or college student whose parent is an active PCEA member (2 scholarships: 1 h.s. and 1 college)
  • h.s. senior going into a vocational program or to a trade school (1 scholarship: h.s.)


Ruth Getchius

PCEA Scholarship Chair

The Bourbonnais Education Association knows this year has been incredibly tough on our students and our community, but now there's a light at the end of the tunnel—our District 53 School Board can say YES to LESS.

We are bargaining our contract with the board, and we've got an offer they can't refuse.

The two-year contract we're asking for COSTS LESS money than the board's most recent offer over the same time period. It's a win-win situation and it is what's right for our students, our schools, and our community.

This contract will help attract talented new educators and keep our experienced educators in our community.

Plus, it means we can keep our students in school and activities for the remainder of the year with no more disruptions.

Call the Superintendent Ehrman  and tell him to avoid a strike and say YES to LESS!

There are roughly 280 staff members at PC.  Half of the staff completed our poll, while almost all of the staff completed the district survey.  

Number of staff that completed survey: 148

Do you have a concern with the safety of returning to in person learning next week? 

No: 33.8% 

Yes: 66.2%




Members, I want to check in and get your feedback on the district's decision to return to in person learning next week. Angie and I met with Mrs. Crane & Mrs. Dieken on Monday. We discussed the inability to continue in person learning due to the number of staff in quarantine and the rising number of cases and quarantines in our students. Mrs. Crane agreed to look at the data available and make a decision by Friday morning in order for staff to prepare. PCEA would like to get an idea of how our members feel about the decision to return next week. Please take a minute to fill out the short poll in the link below. We value your input! This same message and link were emailed to those on this site's mailing list and posted in our Facebook group.

Return to In Person Learning Poll 


Prairie Central

School Board Meetings

Let's show the school board we are interested in what they do and the decisions they make.  Sign up " HERE " to attend a board meeting sometime this year. 

2019-20 Prairie Central Scholarship News! 

To keep up with the most up-to-date information on professional development, licensure and community education events….visit Regional Office of Education 17 at: 



PCEA Executive Council meets the first Wednesday of each month from September through May. 

If there is a contract-related issue that needs discussed, please notify a building rep prior to the monthly meeting.  Click here to view the monthly PCEA Agenda, Meeting Minutes, Expense Reports, IPACE Reports and the President's Reports.


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