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•   Kirsten Smith  12/10
•   Emily Soto  12/10
•   LeeAnn Radtke  12/5
•   Taylor Langel  10/12
•   Michelle Harms  4/2
•   Dana Convery  2/28
•   Ben Klekamp  8/15
•   Melissa Scherr  7/19
•   Deanna DeLong  7/16
•   Katie Taylor  7/12
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•   Melissa Nagel  12/17
•   Jodee Ritter  12/17
•   Becky Webster  12/19
•   Susan Fehr  12/21
•   Tammy Hoffman  1/1
•   Deborah Vaughan  1/1
•   Sonia Gradberg  1/2
•   Carrie Rafferty  1/9


Percentage of Joined Members: 66.8%

A:   153   Joined
B:   76   Not Joined


9th Annual Boys & Girls Golf Trivia Night!
Saturday, February 8, 2020
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